Bam Fredette

“Yesterday competed at the Vulkan weightlifting meet. I increased my last total meet PR from 190KG to 210KG, in under a year! I snatched 90KG/200LB and clean and jerked a new PR of 120KG/264LB. Beyond happy with the results. My only goal at this meet was to clean and jerk 120. Made possible not of my hard work but of the coaching and programming by Michael Redbeard Gingras an Damian Melnicove. Vulkan weightlifting is the premier spot to learn the art of Olympic lifting. I am so grateful to be molded by kickass coaches and to have the opportunity to train with kickass people. Thank you all for the help and support you have given me! Congratulations to the other athletes who crushed it! I take the philosophies from the weight room and apply it to life. We are a blue collar gym. We do HARD work and we are not afraid of it. We squat and lift heavy things, often. We reap the rewards of our hard work. Blue collar for life.”