About Us

Vulkan Weightlifting is Portland Oregon’s premier Olympic Weightlifting facility. We cater to everyone from beginning weightlifters to national level competitive weightlifters.

We have sent more athletes to national competitions than any other club in the Portland Metro area, and we work very closely with athletes from other sports to improve their sports performance.

Whether you’re looking to get strong, fast, or in shape, we can help you achieve your goals.

Please contact anthony@vulkanweightlifting.com to schedule a free 1 hour assessment.


“I want to thank all those at @vulkanweightlifting for the encouragement and pleasant training environment while I’m visiting Washington. I’m ready for Saturday.”

Brohan Vajupeyayajula

“Super awesome day with my bro @bamthethird and thanks to Coach Mike @vulkanweightlifting for helping me with my technique not very heavy lifting today but new advice and understanding is refreshing and exciting.”

Rainger Haslam

“Big thanks to @vulkanweightlifting and Michael Gingras for the hospitality and help today. 10/10 would recommend to any weightlifter visiting Portland!”

Eric Szeto

“Many thanks to Damian and @vulkanweightlifting for allowing me to drop in on my vacation and to experience what a real weightlifting facility is like, including my first time lifting with a 15KG bar and trying to calculate kilo plates! Thank you for the warm hospitality and friendly advice! Check this awesome place out if…

Jess Wong

“Yesterday competed at the Vulkan weightlifting meet. I increased my last total meet PR from 190KG to 210KG, in under a year! I snatched 90KG/200LB and clean and jerked a new PR of 120KG/264LB. Beyond happy with the results. My only goal at this meet was to clean and jerk 120. Made possible not of…

Bam Fredette

“A little over a year ago I fell in love with Olympic weightlifting. I never expected that to happen, as I’ve always thought gym people were obnoxious “meatheads” who would make fun of me for trying to lift a barbell. Thankfully I was so wrong – as coach says, Olympic weightlifters are the geeks of…

Darin Bergen

“Best weightlifting club in Portland, hands down. When you join Vulkan, it’s not just the coaching you get, it’s also the experience and knowledge that Coach Mike has.  He’s coached so many athletes through State and Nationals that he just knows how it all goes down.  He takes care of EVERYTHING at the meets while…

Jessica Yang

“Vulkan Weightlifting welcomed me with open arms. Excellent coaches, excellent lifters, excellent people overall!! Loved it and will be back EVERYTIME I’m in Portland!!!”

Chris Jenkins

“I have done bodybuilding and powerlifting, but weightlifting has been the best experience I have so far. Great support from the Vulkan Weightlifting team members. Not only do you lift heavy ass weights, but you go out with team members for food. This is the best way to know your team mates, and have a great support…

Sang Shin