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Forging Portland Oregon’s most competitive athletes in the sport of Weightlifting.

  • We train Olympic Weightlifters to compete in olympic weightlifting both at the local level and the national level.
  • We help weightlifting enthusiasts who want to use olympic weightlifting as a tool for personal health and fitness.
  • We help CrossFit enthusiasts improve their SnatchClean & Jerk, and other related exercises to increase their performance.
  • We train athletes to become strong, fast, and explosive using Olympic Weightlifting  to improve their sport performance.
  • We correct physical movement patterns that are creating injuries inside and outside of the gym.

We at Vulkan Weightlifting have invested heavily on teamwork and camaraderie to improve athletic performance, be it in the sport of weightlifting, or in everyday life.  We value the community we have built, and the blue collar work ethic of our lifters.  We think the atmosphere in our training hall and the friendships cultivated there is second to none!

Weightlifting is our passion, we hope you will give us the opportunity to share that passion with you.

We invite you to come in and lift heavy with us.

We work hard, we sweat, we grind, we support our fellow athletes and the Weightlifting community.

We’re not fancy, we’re just tough.


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